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Hitting the Birdie

Contingent Staffing

Hitting the Birdie

Direct Placement

Hitting the Birdie


Contingent staffing


More than just filling positions. We bring people together.

Achieve breakthrough results by working with a recruiting partner who applies years of staffing experience and commitment to your business goals. Due to our extensive experience and market knowledge, we are able to target individuals ideally suited to succeed in your unique environment.

The Collaborative Economy is here                                                                  


Independent Contractors Freelancers and Job consultants are more popular than ever before. While your in-house team is well-equipped to handle day-to-day objectives, you might need to call on an expert to complete a big project with a short turnaround time.  

Now you can enhance your productivity and your bottom line at the same time. We'll manage your contingent workforce, strengthen your team, and reduce your overall costs.


We take the pressure off contingent staffing services                                 


Acting as your temporary employment agency, we assess your challenges and pain points with your current contingent labour force and work to pinpoint the most qualified candidates who are the best fit for your business. We strive to embed ourselves in your company culture to fill your temporary job openings with candidates who will integrate well with your current team. We work hard to set ourselves apart from other temporary job agencies with proprietary search methods and advanced sourcing technologies that find you the best candidate for your business’ contract staffing needs.

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Direct Placement


We connect you with top-tier talent who are ready to contribute right away


Our direct placement services allow you to focus on your business while we identify highly qualified candidates for your challenging, direct hire technical openings. We have been building strong networks of professionals. This network enables us to recruit active candidates who may be seeking a new opportunity, as well as obtain professional referrals from trusted sources. As with our other staffing services, all candidates are thoroughly screened, with comprehensive reference verifications and degree verifications. 


Right talent. Right time

We understand the complexities of human dynamics in the workplace. We have the experience, expertise, and enthusiasm for handpicking the perfect talent to enhance your team.


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contract to

We make sure every candidate you hire is the perfect fit.

Callistofusion offers temp-to-hire services that enable the seamless transition of your contingent workers to become full-time staff. Upon sourcing and screening your new hires, our contract-to-direct team will deploy these resources as contract employees with a set schedule for status conversion. If you’re satisfied with their performance, we’ll handle the intricacies that accompany the temp-to-perm conversion. 


Our Risk is your Reward.

At Callistofusion, we employ proprietary search methods and advanced tracking technologies to source and screen the perfect contract worker. But here's the best part: we act as the employer of record for all contract employees, so when HR services are needed, we're there.


Make the leap.


Are you so impressed with a contract worker that you want to bring onboard full-time? No problem. We'll take care of the contract-to-direct technicalities so the contract worker can move from contingent workforce to your full-time staff seamlessly. Eliminate administrative burdens and reduce training costs with contract-to-direct services from Callistofusion.                                                     


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