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AI – Vehicle Damage Detection & Recognition 

The Smartest Collision Prevention System in the World

The Vehicle Damage Detection & Recognition system is a high-accuracy process where a set of Machine Learning Algorithms with an API utilizes computer vision. Based on Artificial Intelligence deep learning, the algorithms automatically detect a vehicle's body and analyze the extent of the damage. Image-based convolutional neural networks can accurately recognize car damage through photos and videos. 

AI damage inspections can recognize and analyze multiple types of damage in seconds. This way, users can make more informed decisions regarding the condition of their vehicles.

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Recognize a Vehicle      


Identify Vehicle Elements


Estimate primary damage of vehicle elements and costs

Types of Damages

Vehicle damages can be classified into three primary categories, based on which component they impact. These categories are metal damage, glass damage, and miscellaneous damage.

Metal Damage includes:

  • Dent

  • Scratch

  • Tear

Glass Damage includes:


  • Crack

  • Chip

  • Spider Crack

Miscellaneous Damage includes:

  • Dislocation of parts

ai vehicle damage.jpg

Why Vehicle Damage Recognition

The solution speeds up data processing, saving the company’s spending on human resources and boosting the process of image data analysis in times. Machine learning algorithms and analytical systems can replace a human-operated time-consuming process of claims proceedings and approvals.  

Traditional Process Vs Vehicle Damage Detection & Recognition


Whom all can benefit from Vehicle Damage Detection & Recognition


Car Rental/
Car Lease Companies

Car Dealers

Vehicle Repair/
Service Centers

If you are interested in knowing more about
Vehicle Damage Detection & Recognition,
please reach out to us for detailed know-how.

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